Not receiving push notifications

Video Doorbell (not 2 or Pro)… upgraded the firmware and app and now I don’t receive any push notifications when someone rings the doorbell.

I open the app and then the notification appears. I have tried turning on and off the new setting “in app notifications”.

That setting actually isn’t clearn. Under the heading “in app notifications” it says: “Enabling In-App Notifications letsn you choose whether to view live events when you’re in the app instead of showing them automatically”

I assume by “automatically” it’s saying “instead of showing them when you are not using the Ring app” ?? and therefore this setting should be OFF ??

Hi @trueliifeajf ! In app notifications would not affect push notifications. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring App?

I had to uninstall and reinstall on my wife’s phone to get the notifications to work again. Now, the app doesn’t want to close the live feed when she opens it. Back doesn’t work and the screen is unresponsive to anything. So frustrating.

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I am having the same problem on my iPad AND my Samsung S10 !

Hi @sethm1 did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

@BradLiverMoretheThir , this doesn’t sound like normal behavior. I would call support so they can take a look at the phone settings.

Not sure how, but ph working fine now without having to reinstall the app.

i did though on the ipad. Its running 13.2.3

there is/are no red circle with the number of detections like the ipad does with my Mail and Arlo app. Its handy.

does your ipad show a circle with numbers in the upper rt corner of the app icon?

Here is what i’m talking about - see the Arlo notification…

Hi @sethm1 that should be available. On iOS, can you please go to - settings --notifications – ring – toggle on badges. Let me know if that helps!

Yes, that was the first place I checked. Plus already did a uninstall & reinstall of the app. Attaching a screen shot of those settings…