Not receiving motion alerts on my phone

Hi there,

Not sure if anyone has encountered this issue. So, if you received an alert on your phone about a motion at the front door and decide to not check the notification by going to the Ring Door bell app, I have noticed that you don’t receive any further notification until you check the previous notification . I mean the notifications are there but you don’t get alerted if there is a new one. In my opinion irrespective of whether you check or not, you should still be notified. There could be instances where you walked out of the front door and you know that it was you who triggered the notification, why would you check that? Is this an issue or a know functionality?

Hey @coolguys. What kind of phone and OS for that phone are you running the Ring app on? Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the app to see if this helps? You should continue to get a new notification for every new event, so I want to ensure this is working for you!

Hi Chelsea,
I am using Huawei P30 Pro and Android OS (ver.10).
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a number of times but still no luck.
As mentioned in my comments earlier, the issue happens only if I don’t check a notification. If I keep constantly checking it as and when it happens, I have no issues receiving new notification. It’s only when I don’t check the notification this issues happens.

@coolguys That makes a lot of sense then, and thank you for detailing what more you have done! I actually recently helped another neighbor with a concern on a Huawei phone not receiving notifications as it should. You can check out the thread here for more information on why the notifications may not be working properly because of that specific phone. :slight_smile:

Thank you Chelsea.

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