Not receiving any ring or motion notifications

I suspect it has to be a router/firewall issue as all settings on the device and app are configured to alert me if either the doorbell is rung or a mtion alert is triggered. Everything else works fine, live view etc.

Ive never received any alerts from day one, but not really got around to doing anything about it. But the front door is getting busier with the postman trying to deliver stuff!

Have reinstalled app, and checked phones permissions etc, but cant see anything obvious.

Hey @MrShirley! It sounds like you’ve covered all the right bases to improve this functionality. I recommend also disabling bluetooth, vpn, or hot spots (if enabled) to test, and closing/ removing any 3rd party apps that might conflict with streaming apps.

Otherwise, check out our help center article about ports, which may assist you with optimizing your network for all communications related to your Ring devices and app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My notifications have stopped also. I believe since I updated to the latest version of Android on my pixel 3. Tried switching off notifications and back on again but no change.

I am having the same issue. Everything is turned on in app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and checked all permissions on my phone. My husband is having the same issue on his phone. I even bought a wifi extender to boost the signal and I’m still getting nothing.

Hi there, @Devinmauk! Are there events showing in your event history? This will be a great way to confirm the device is online and is able to send the notifications in question. Great call on checking app permissions. Please ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile devices.

The next best step will be to check your Ring app settings such as motion scheduling, snooze, modes, or other features that might prevent notifications by design. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: