Not receiving alerts on iPhone when doorbell is used

For some strange reason my Video Doorbell 3 Plus is net sending notifications to my iPhone. My iPhone software is up to date with iOS 15.1.1. The doorbell’s firmware and both chime’s firmware are all up to date. The doorbell device settings has all alerts enabled, and my iPhone has Ring-specific notifications all enabled. The Ring doorbell will cause the chimes to go off, and the app itself will indicate that there was a missed ring, however my phone does not actually give me any sort of alert when the doorbell is rung.

@rocketismail Check notifications are allowed for the Ring app in iOS.

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Yeah, all notifications are enabled.

very same issue, also with everything obvious enabled

Using any Do Not Disturb or Sleep type feature with your phone (I don’t have an iPhone so don’t know what they are specifically called)?

I spoke too soon. I deleted the app from the phone and reinstalled it. Among other things, this resets the alerts. It is working again.