Not picking up motion directly in front of Ring Doorbell 3

I have my ring doorbell 3 directly above my mailbox , when I had mail delivered today they would have entered 2 zones and stood directly in front of my mailbox and I did not receive a motion detection notification or any footage. When I opened my door and reached to grab my mail (door is right next to mailbox) I received a notification and footage. Wondering why I didn’t receive anything for when the mail person entered my yard and stood directly in front of my doorbell.

Hi @mar7. How high is your Doorbell mounted? If it is too high, it could adversely affect motion detection if there is not a Wedge Kit installed. I would also check the settings for your Motion Frequency, as this setting affects the dwell time in between recordings. Try looking at this Community post here for some great tips and tricks for optimizing your Motion Detection.