Not picking up cats etc


I have the Video Doorbell 2 and I’m disappointed because it doesn’t capture any movement from animals that visit our front garden. We often have foxes and cats visit our front garden but it never seems to capture their motion.

The camera captures cars, dog walkers etc on the road no problem at all, just nothing in our garden…

I have it set as sensitive as possible and still no good. My neighbour has the Ring Doorbell as well, and they capture foxes etc so it should be capable.

Any help would be appreciated.

We’re here to help @sheardphotography! Thank you for the image example. The mounting height of this device looks to be a little high for a Doorbell, as the Video Doorbells require a mounting height of 48 inches off the ground. This height helps for optimal detection. Mounting the Doorbell lower, or even angling it downwards, might help to catch these events in your yard. Check out our Wedge Kits on the accessories page at, if interested. The Wedge Kits will not only help to angle your motion view towards your yard, but they are often used by neighbors to also avoid vehicle triggered notifications.

Another suggestion I can make, if you favor the current overhead view on your property, is looking into our Camera products. Some of our Cameras even feature a greater field of view/ range of detection! :slight_smile: