Not getting Person notifications

Hi all, hope someone can help. I just replaced my ring wired pro floodlight with ring bc the old one stopped recording. New one set up identical to old. However, it doesn’t detect people unless you’re like 5 feet from the camera. My old one detected people at the very end of my driveway, but this won’t. It only detects as standard motion, and I have standard motion alerts off with people detection on. How do I get this working again? Everything is set so motion picks up 30+ feet out, bc I want all motion recorded. So it picks up people at the end of my driveway but it only shows standard motion, not person detected so I never get alerted. Any ideas? Thanks all.

Motion detection range can depend on motion zone settings, mounting angle, and mounting height. Check out our Help Center article for tips on optimal positioning for your Floodlight Camera. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: