Not getting notifications on Huawei phones


Both my partner and I have Huawei phones and the wireless ring doorbell. We keep not getting notifications for motion or even someone at the door. I am finding that I have to rest the ring app everyday for it to work, this seems absolutely ridiculous!

Please can someone help? I shouldnt have to uninstall an app every morning to use this!


Hi @77be5337675365363baee238516500. You can read more about Huawei phones and notification concerns with the Ring App in our Community post here. Additionally, I can share some tips from our Community Post here specifically for notifications and Huawei devices.

If you use a Huawei phone with your Ring app and are not receiving notifications as expected, this might be because of a battery saving setting that can cause apps to “doze” after the screen turns off. When this battery saving feature is turned on for your Ring app it is possible you might miss some notifications. Follow the steps below to turn off battery saving for your Ring app:

  1. Open your Huawei devices phone settings.
  2. Select Battery.
  3. Select App Launch.
  4. Find the Ring app and toggle it off.

You are all set, this should help with your notification concerns! If it does not please consider checking out Huawei’s support section for more notification tips. They have great articles like this one to offer more notification setting tips .