Not even close to being usable

Half the time my phone won’t even connect to this thing. When it does, I’ve timed how long it takes before I get the message that the camera has been turned off to conserve battery power. It never stays alive more than 30 MINUTES. This is a new car. It has a new battery. Vehicle battery usage is set at high. So it’s completely useless for anything except a dash cam that only works when I’m driving. And only sometimes then. This thing is useless like this.

I am having exactly the same problem. I even went to get my battery checked even though my car is a 22 Honda. The battery is fine . I changed the setting to high for the battery and it still completely shuts off in 30 minutes.
I wanted this to kind of be a security cam when it’s parked and if the camera only works when I’m driving, I agree that it is useless.


Does your camera actually record the outside while you are driving? Mine seems to be useless.

There is an icon to switch between both views.

Yes there is. I wish we had a way to setup wish cam to view in quick view. Its defaulted to inside cam

Hi neighbors. Some vehicles cut power to the OBD-II port once the vehicle is parked and shut off. To confirm that your vehicle’s battery isn’t causing the device to power off, I’d recommend checking to make sure the battery is still within its service life, followed by driving for 30 minutes to ensure the battery is charged before parking and shutting off the vehicle. If the Car Cam still powers off after following these steps, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further troubleshooting support.

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