Not detecting vehicle

My ring is not detecting vehicles entering driveway and not showing us in the driveway coming and going (only shows us coming and going some of the time) . Drove out of my driveway this morning and last night and no video or notification. Have the plan plus. Motion is set to max. Bird’s eye view on. Very inconsistent and unreliable. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Impossible to get through to customer service after many verification codes get disconnected half way through and they do not call you back. This product is very misleading and does not work all of the time.

Hi @user65290. What Ring device do you have—Doorbell or Camera? Also, what model is it? This will help me look into what other additional troubleshooting steps you can try.

I am having similar issue. New to Ring. Not obtaining vehicle detection for either doorbell cam nor security camera (both battery). RSSI 49 and 41 respectively. Lot of activity in drive yesterday with person in and out of vehicle (did not detect person either in this instance). Distance from cameras varied from 5-10 metres. VERY concerned . any help much appreciated.

Hi @user77125. I recommend adjusting your motion settings to see if it helps your motion detection improve. First, you could increase your Motion Sensitivity and adjust your Motion Zones to make sure they are covering the area you want. Also, activate Smart Alerts, or vice versa. Lastly, check your Motion Frequency to make sure it is set to frequent. If this does not help, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call using one of the numbers available here.

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