Not crazy! I swear my ring doorbell USED to make a sound on the doorbell itself outside WHEN IT DETECTED MOTION, not a press!

I have the basic black video doorbell. When I first got it couple months ago I swear if someone walked by (didn’t even press the button) just walked by, it made that chime motion alert sound outside, to that person basically, where they could hear it.

*I’m not talking about the motion warning where they hear a voice, because I know my basic Bell doesn’t have that capability. I’m specifically talking about a chime sound.

It stopped doing that and I want it back. However everything I am reading says that never happened, there’s no setting to do that etc.

I thought I made a mistake, but I know we had it because I remember thinking it helped to dissuade people from not picking up their dog poop. I also know we had it because I remember seeing someone kind of jump when it made that sound and they were only walking by close to my porch, so i adjusted the volume.

Am i crazy?