Not connecting to ring wifi in set up

I’m setting up my ring doorbell again but it won’t connect to the ring wifi during the setup stage.

How do make it connect to the wifi?
Is there anyway to do a factory re-set?

Hi @BooInc. The Ring network is a temporary access point that you use when your’e setting up a Ring device, before you connect to your home wifi network. There are multiple troubleshooting steps you can try in order to connect to the Ring network:

  1. Reboot your Apple device (shut down completely and then power on)
  2. Adjust the Smart Network Switch on your Android phone
  3. Make sure your battery is fully charged if you’ve attempted set up multiple times during a first time set up. (Batteries are not shipped with 100% charge because of legal regulations.)
  4. Try setting up on a different mobile device (another mobile phone or a tablet)
  5. Check Apple Wi-Fi Settings. (Go to Settings on your mobile device, then to WiFi. Make sure Wi-Fi is toggled on. Under Ask to Join Networks, choose Ask.)


If you’re using an Apple device and haven’t rebooted in a while, try rebooting (shutting the device completely off) and then reattempting set up. Also temporarily changing the Cellular data setting and Wi-Fi settings on your Apple device (described in the following section) will increase your chances of a successful set up.


If you’re using an Android phone and can’t connect to the Ring network, you may need to adjust the Smart Network Switch.

If these tips don’t do the trick, we have more troubleshooting information regarding the in-app setup process in our Help Center Article here as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: