Not activating, still a piece of junk!

I bought a Ring doorbell late last year and it worked great. Then it would send notifications but not go live. I checked with ring csr and everything was working correctly on my end so they sent another one a few days ago. I installed it and it’s doing the exact same thing!! It won’t go live at all!! I don’t know what Ring did but they screwed something up as I can see on here and other reviews that many people are having the same problem. I’m readty to throw this piece of junk in the trash and go with another brand. I have a $26 Wyze camera that I have never had a problem with and when they come out with a doorbell one I’m going to purchase it. I would not recommend buying anything from Ring until they fix this.

Hi @FrustratedMichael, it sounds like there may be some restrictions on your router that is preventing the video from going live. I recommend checking out our Ring Help Center Article here to review that all ports and protocols are open. Additionally, our Community post here covers a lot of different reasons as to why the Live View may not be loading. Hope this helps!