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Hello folks, i must say im stunned on why your company does not tell you that your ring doorbell may or may not work on or around metals doors.

I purchased your security system and it works fine. Then i bought your ring doorbell, and installed it on brick next to my metal front door. it planly would not work at all. it would sound off, but thats all.

Thinking it was how far the modem was to the front door , i went out and got a ring booster.

The doorbell still did not show motion or video. I took the doorbell off of its mount and took it inside the home next to the door, the bell worked flawlessly in every way. but once i too it back outside on the side of my metal door it would not work.

So i called your help line and they said, and I quote that it will not work on metal or near metal doors.

And i ask about the peephole camera, and they said that it may not work either.

So why are you folks not telling folks this before they waste there time buying your product.

Folks the ring doorbell does not work well at all on metal doors or close to one.

I tryied every thing from moving the modem closer, but to no avail.

It would work great inside the door, but on the other side of the door outside.

it would destroy the sidnal and you get nothing but the doorbell itself working but nothing else.

To me that should be in the reviews .

And im not going to change my door and metal security door , just to acommandate a ring doorbell.

You folks need to work on a way to get around this, and being honest about it and let comsumers know that.

I have no choice but to send it back and find a company that has a better product.

There is no mention of this in your manual.

You need to fix this , because you have a very unsatified customer.


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Sorry folks, i must retrack my statement on you folks saying that it may not work on metal doors.

I apoligize for that , I searched and found where you do mention that it may not work on metal and brick. And i have both.


Sorry to hear about this experience @Rdtcmttsa. We are always looking for ways to improve and add to our devices and features. As most of our devices connect to wifi, it is important to consider the interferences in the environment that can commonly block wifi signal. Tough exterior walls, electrical appliances, and metal objects can often interfere with wifi radio frequencies.

Minimizing distance and using solutions such as a wifi extender was a great call! Sometimes exterior walls cannot be avoided, however. For this reason, we have PoE or Ethernet capable devices available. If a wifi solution is not fitting the exterior mounting area, check out our Stick Up Cam Elite or even the Video Doorbell Elite. Keep in mind, the Doorbell Elite is considered advanced DIY and might be difficult to mount on brick. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a metal door. Is the only problem wifi transmission because otherwise I should be fine as I get WiFi outside sometimes