Not able to order First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm

The smoke alarm page will let you select quantity but no where to order or put into shopping cart. Is it still available? Will it work on all versions of the Ring alarm?

Hey @MarkPr. After checking out the product page, it looks like we are currently sold out of this product. If you are able to find this product through a third party retailer such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon, etc., just make sure that the product is the Z-Wave version for it to be compatible with the Ring Alarm.

Thank you Chelsea, you cleared it up for me. Main thing I wanted to make sure it was still a good product. I will check out the 3rd party stores.

Costco has a 3 pack on sale for 79.99 right now, if you are a member.

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Thanks for the information, I ordered from BestBuy. Not as good of a price though.