Non working Ring Doorbell Pro?

It looks like my Ring Doorbell Pro is on the fritz, no power, flipped the breaker to make sure it was ok, still no power. My other Ring Doorbell Pro’s and Ring Cameras are all working. When I called into support, they said that I have to have a Pro Power Kit installed for this to work. I was puzzled as I didn’t have any Pro Power Kit when I bought my three Ring Doorbell Pro’s. So they are sending one. Now when I look at the instructions on how to install it, it says I need to hook it up to my Internal Doorbell. As I stated on the phone with support, I have no internal doorbell, so what am I supposed to hook it up to. My other two Ring Doorbell Pro’s are working just fine, I offered to sacrifice another working Doorbell and move it to the location of the broken one to prove the power was ok, but they were adamant that I have to have a Pro Power Kit installed. What am I supposed to do?

I am in same boat. My back door Pro is working fine but my front door Pro lost all power. They are both hardwired to their own independent transformer and the tech told me to install the Pro Power Kit…even after telling them I did not have an existing chime. I’m wondering if hooking the power kit up to both of the transformer terminals and then installing the doorbell into power kit would work. Not sure if that would be same as how they describe it with the internal chime or not. Waiting for a answer on here as well. My transformer is shorted though…I did test that. So regardless I’ll have to get another one…just don’t want the new one to short also.

I just moved into our new home we built that does not have a indoor chime or existing doorbell. I bought two Video Pro’s and a plug in chime to use for the doorbell…one Pro for front and one for back door. They are each hard wired to their own transformer and both transformers are getting their input power from the same power wire that comes from the breaker panel.

We just got internet the other day and that allowed us to finally set the front door video camera up. It worked for one full day and then lost all power. I was reading online and came across that the pro has a USB for charging. So I threw it on the charger and it came on and still connected to my phone (let it charge for ten hours). I checked the transformer for the front door and it was getting 124v on the primary side but had no output voltage being sent out. Removed the transformer and checked for continuity and realized I had an open secondary winding.

Spoke to a support tech on the phone and they said I need to install the Pro Power Kit so it can help regulate the power. The instructions for the Pro Power Kit says to install one wire on the transformer terminal and the other to the front terminal on the chime. Since I have no chime (which I told the tech) how do I install the Power Kit? Just attached Power Kit wires to both terminals on the transformer (neutral and hot) and then insert the doorbell wires? Does that work the same? My wife did say that when she was trying to add the plug in chime as an accessory to the Pro, that is when the power went out on the doorbell.

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Hi neighbors! @Ctuck21 I moved your original post onto this one as it is about the same concern and felt it would be easier to have this information in one place. Regarding wiring a Doorbell Pro directly to a transformer without a Pro Power Kit properly installed, this is likely going to cause damage to your Pro which may be why you’re seeing that it’s not working. You can refer to the wiring diagram on our Help Center Article here to see how to install the Pro Power Kit without a chime kit, as shown under One Ring Doorbell Pro Direct to Transformer.

Since you both mentioned having your Doorbell Pro wired directly to a transformer without the Pro Power Kit installed, I urge you to follow up with our support team directly in case there is any damage to your device. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. Feel free to reference this post with them, but let them know that you have concerns about your Doorbell being damaged as it was installed without a Pro Power Kit. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

From this diagram I see where to install the Power Pro Kit → Wiring Diagrams for Ring Video Doorbell Pro Setup – Ring Help

Once I hook it up, I’ll share a picture to support. From what I can tell, they are just following a script to make sure they really need to replace the device. I’m sure it’s a “physical” problem with the Ring Doorbell as I can physically turn it upside down and the problem goes away, as I start to position it upright, you can hear something loose move and then the problem occurs, so I don’t believe this is power related, but at least now that I found a diagram, I’m happy to show the Pro Power Kit installed to try to take it to the next step.

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