Non drill option install...

Purchased this version off Amazon

All-new Ring Video Doorbell | 1080p HD video, Advanced Motion Detection, and easy installation (2nd Gen)

It has a drill in install option only… due to way door is etc we cant put it on bricks and the pvc frame is not thick enough to mount onto. We have a 3 yo composite door. We dont want to invalidate any warrenty by drilling into this door…
Can anyone suggest a non drill method for installation that ring sell for this doorbell. At such a loss with finding something!

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Soffie. You may want to take a look at the No-Drill Mount that we sell for the Video Doorbell 2020 release as an option. Please note this is the same as the Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), as it was released this year and is referred to as the 2020 release for clarity purposes. You can find the No-Drill Mount listed on our website here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: