Non-compatible doorbell

So what’s the downside to connecting a battery powered ring doorbell to an existing non-compatible Bell? Appreciate it won’t ring ( but my phone will). Will the battery be trickle-charged??

@Chuggy Basically yes it will trickle charge your doorbell. To be honest if you have doorbell wiring in place I wouldn’t even consider one of the battery models and I would go for either the wired or one of the pro models. The wired is cheaper than all the battery models anyway and you will find motion detection much better/faster.

Thanks, but my existing is listed as non compatible. This means I have to faff around fitting a new transformer with a separate housing.

@Chuggy Well worth the hassle at this stage as it will just be a better experience overall. Not sure where you are located as you may need the pro power kit as well if in the USA but basically best option is just get rid of the mechanical bell if you don’t care about it and wire the mains into the transformer and then the transformer to the doorbell. Then either get Ring plug in chimes, amazon echo dots or just use your phone for alerts.

Such a nuisance there isn’t a small transformer which will fit in the existing doorbell housing (deta c3504) as a replacement for the original. So much neater than a new transformer and housing and wires running between the two.