No wifi network seen by Ring Doorbell

Had the Ring 2, 3 and 4. All have had problems finding my Wi-Fi network. Bought 2 Chime pros. R4 did find the Chime. The chime was further away than the R4 and found the Wi-Fi network easily.
Spent 5 hours with ring on the phone trying everything. > 20 resets etc etc.
R4 was 2 meters from Wi-Fi.
Sold my Deco X60 mesh network and bought the Netgear Orbi 6. Same problem.
Being at wits end, a friend set the Orbi wifi 2.4ghz network to only recieve/transmit on channel 10. Problem solved. I do not know why, but it works.

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Hi @Surfer10k. Thank you for sharing what worked to resolve your concern. I hope it helps others with a similar concern to yours.