No video playback on the ring app

My ring app no longer plays video. It says hmm somthing went wrong, there was an error trying to play the video.

I have cleared the cache and data, reinstalled the app and still the same problem.

I have the app on a samsung fridge and no issue with playback. I can view live, but not view recordings.
This started yesterday and hasnt fixed it self, the app is also up to date.

I installed the app on a chromebook and it works fine, but doesnt work on my samsung phone

Same issue here (Android). Live view is working but playback of recordings just times out. If 8 go to the ring website I can playback from there so it’s definitely an app issue.


Same issue, with slight variations…

Mine is a battery (rechargeable) doorbell (V.4) and I cannot view recordings OR Live View!

Hi neighbors. On Jun 17, 15:42 UTC, some neighbors reported issues with accessing their Live View or seeing that their Ring device was offline. There was also a major US ISP outage at this time which may have affected things. The issue was resolved at 17:03 UTC.

If you’re still experiencing issues with viewing videos or accessing Live View, make sure your Ring app is fully updated and that your phone has a good signal through wifi or mobile data. If you have a VPN on your phone, ensure it is turned off when using the Ring app. For persistent concerns, please follow up with our support team so they can investigate this further.

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