No video or recordings, still get motion alerts - ring video doorbell 2

My Ring Doorbell still sends motion alerts to our phones, but it hasn’t saved an event since 3/18 and live view never loads. No connectivity problems and I’ve tried ringing the doorbell, but we can’t even answer the call. This issue basically makes the premium service we’re paying for useless. Firmware up to date, power hardwired, strong signal, status check good. Anyone else experience this?


I think I’m having the same issue. I guess the prognosis of getting helped here isn’t good!

Hey neighbors! Thanks for bringing up this concern. @NullHypothesis It doesn’t look like you’ve been having any events from your Event History Timeline, are you sure you have an active Ring Protect Plan? I know you mentioned you have a premium service, so if you do have an active plan, but no recordings are being stored, please give our support team a call here. They will be able to troubleshoot with you over the phone, see why your events are not storing, and also make sure you get your Live View working again. If you are interested in faster Live View loading times in general, you can check out and use our Rapid Ring app!

Neighbors, please note that this is a neighbor to neighbor forum, and not a direct line to support. If you need immediate support assistance, it is encouraged to contact our support team directly via phone for troubleshooting inquires. Our chat team can also help out, but more exclusively for plan questions and billing/shipping inquiries.

We can help out on the forums for general troubleshooting, but this kind of concern is more unique and can be related to billing/plans, which is more account specific. Feel free to come back to forum and advise how you got this addressed with our support team, as this can help another neighbor that may come to this thread, being in the same shoes as yourself. :slight_smile: