No video or motion detection

The app tells me that the ring video doorbell has full battery (and it was left to charge for almost 3 days straight, just in case the app was lying). Live video is not available and there is no motion detection. Pushing the button does not make it chime.

The app says there is wifi, there’s even a secondary dedicated router and chime wifi extender to make the signal stronger to the doorbell. The app says that the doorbell is connected to the dedicated wifi and that the signal is ok. The app indicates that the doorbell and Chime are both online.

P.S. I’m trying to troubleshoot this for my in-laws who live in a different house and are not very tech-savvy. If it’s easier to have them call customer support, please just say so. Thank you!

Hey @Mortessa. In this case I would definitely recommend them to contact our support team directly! If the device isn’t showing any signs of life, our support team here can walk through any additional steps to take over the phone while having their device and information pulled up to give a more specific, quick and easy experience!