No video on doorbell

My Ring doorbell has suddenly stopped showing any video. The doorbell rings, I’m notified of motion or someone being at the door, a thumbnail comes up, but the video never loads. If I try to click Live View, I just get the Activating Device… message with the blue spinning circle. It shows that my Wi-Fi is fine, and the battery is charged. My two other cameras are working fine so don’t think it’s an issue with the app. I’ve also tried installing Rapid Ring but got the same messages.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hello @marzian ,

Sorry to hear you are having video issues. Since it is a recent problem for you, most likely it is related to the Technical Difficulties that Ring is currently experiencing:

Identified - We have confirmed live video services are affected.
Apr 5, 20:18 UTC

There are several ways you can monitor the status of the Ring Systems, which include:

or from your smartphone Ring App:

  • Select Menu (the 3 horizontal bars, upper-left-corner)
  • Select Devices
  • Select a Device
  • Select tile Device Health
  • Scroll down & select Ring System Status

So, hopefully once Ring fixes this issue, your Ring Doorbell should return to normal. :wink:

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Thanks. This started on 3/30, so has this issue been happening since then? I only saw the technical difficulties notification today.

What device are you running?

Oh @marzian , your issue started on 3/30? Then it is not related to the technical Ring difficulties affecting many people that started today (4/5/20210).

Since you didn’t mention which model Ring Video Doorbell that you own, I don’t know which online Help link to paste here, but you can go to the top of this page, select Help and then Help Center and then search for troubleshooting steps for your model Doorbell. But you should wait to troubleshoot until shows the current video issue has been resolved.

If the online Help topics do not remedy you issue, then you should call Ring Support for additional help:

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Ring’s support procedures, operating hours, and an increase in wait time may occur:
Response to COVID-19

I hope you find this helpful :wink:

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