No video just constantly says Activating Device

I am unable to view video on my Ring Doorbell, it is connected and it detects motion or bell press but when I open either of your apps it just sits on activating device.

I have fully charged it and it has the latest updates. I have even tried it sitting in the house next to the router.

The health check says everything is working fine.

I have also tried removing and re adding it.

Hi @Goldenkracker – have you tried using your Cell data vs wifi? Also, have you taken a look at this article about Live View taking a long time to load? Let us know!!

Hi Jennifer,

Have checked out your link and as you can see from the health status picture I posted when I raised this ticket according to the app everything is fine with my setup and I will attach another image showing that the app thinks my network is fine.
I have also tried connecting using cellular as you suggested and it still just sits on Activating device before eventually timing out.
Everything was working fine until beginning of this week when it did a firmware update after I charged the battery.

The device is currently in my house close to the wireless access point to rule out any network/obstruction/interference issues.



Hey @Goldenkracker. Chiming in for Jennifer! Could you try resetting the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds? After this time has passed, give it a few minutes to reset, as it may be updating or reinstalling the firmware at this point. After sometime has passed, try to load your Live View and let me know how this goes!

Hi Chelsea,

I have already tried resetting it, I removed it then reset it then re added it. It did a firmware update but I was still unable to access live view.

I receive notifications when there is motion, in fact I am getting notifications twice for every motion detected now, I am not sure if that is just because I have now got both your apps installed on my phone.

Also for information in case it is your next suggestion to try Viewing live on a different device, I have tried on my Firetv stick and echo show with no success.


@Goldenkracker Thanks for getting back to me! It seems there may be a restriction in the live streaming from your router that is not allowing the Live View to load, but can still record videos and send you alerts. Also, the double alerts will definitely be from having the Ring app and the Rapid Ring app if that is what you are mentioning!

Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here which reviews what ports and protocols needs to be open to allow the Ring devices to connect and stream. Let me know if this helps, and feel free to reach out to your ISP to have them make these adjustments for you!

Hi Chelsea,

Nothing has been changed with my network and the device had been working with only the odd failure to view videos from time to time ever since I got it in January.
It stopped working the beginning of this week when I took it down to charge the battery and did a Firmware update.
I have noticed while testing today that sometimes it gets as far as waiting for video and during this time there is audio and I can talk back to it from the app before the connection eventually drops due to video taking too long to start.



@Goldenkracker Thank you for the follow up! While there may have not been any changes you have made to your network settings, it’s possible that you may have gotten an update to your router or modem from your ISP that put up restrictions again that may have not been in place before. I only mention this as I have ran into this myself, so I just wanted to make sure we checked that out as well. :slight_smile:

At this point, since the device is still not activating the Live View, it would be best to reach out to our support team here for more advanced troubleshooting. Since you have a fair RSSI value, have ensured no network changes have been made, have reset the device and even readded it, we would need our team to take a deeper look into this and see what could be causing the Live View from never loading. Please let me know how this goes, as your resolution may help out other neighbors that come to this thread!