No video available even seconds after motion alert

I have my alert range set to exclude anything beyond the area from the top step of my porch and my door. When I get a motion alert and go to History and Camera. I get only the “your ring protect trial has expired”. Again, this happens within seconds of the alert. From my internet, etc review, I should be able to see video more or less immediately after an event. I understand that my videos won’t be “saved”, but surely I should seen it within a short time frame!
Device has good wifi signal, batteries are 55%. I do receive “live view” camera activity.
Please advise.

Hi @userDJN. If you do not have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription, your videos are not saved. If you try to view and event shortly after it has occurred, you will not be able to because it has not been saved. Without a Ring Protect Plan subscription, you can only Live View events. You can learn more about the Ring Protect Plan here.

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