No user defined motion zones on stick up cams

For over a year, we’ve had a floodlight cam and ring doorbell. They work great! At Christmas, I got 3 stick up cams. After mounting them, I was getting multiple notifications. After some research, I discovered that Ring does not allow user defined motion zones like they do on the floodlight cam. It would be nice if Ring would tell you that important detail BEFORE you buy it! After calling tech support (not in the US), I was told I would have to reposition the cams. Mind you I have already drilled 6 holes per cam in the side of my house and now Ring is suggesting the same thing again. How about updating the firmware on the stick up cams so they allow user defined zones!!! This is ridiculous! I may just return everything and get my money back. Poor customer support!!!

We appreciate your feedback @Greatwn! This is not at all the experience we intend for our neighbors to have, and I will be sure to share this with the appropriate teams.

At this time, the Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired, and Indoor Cam feature the custom-defined motion zones. This and more can be found on our Camera Comparison page. In regards to your motion concern, changing the angle of the device in place may help, in addition to settings. There are also mounting accessories available, depending on the device model. I hope this helps!