No Time Line for shared User

I’ve added my wife as a shared user and she does not have the time line feature on her phone. Also on the website from PC she cannot see history back more than 12 hours.


I’ve just installed a Ring 2 system and shared it with my wifes phone. She received an email acknowledgement from Ring. Now my wife is seeing everything, but the email says she needs to create her own Ring account and install the app (she obviously has the app ) before she can access the device. I dont understand this. Perhaps your wife hasn’t created her own account? You may be seeing a problem we haven’t yet encountered as I only installed it today.

I am the master account and my wife is a shared user. She is enabled with access to all devices via her iphone and ipad. When she clicks on a camera on her dashboard on either her iphone or ipad she does not get the same thing that I do. I get the timeline (with both my Galaxy s10+ & my ipad) and she gets the settings where she either has to click on history or live view for the video. Is there any way to make her account access the same view as I have or is it that way with all shared users? Thank you!

Hey neighbors! For any shared users that are not seeing the Timeline view on their apps, please have them attempt a redownload of the app. Have the shared user remove the Ring app, reboot their device (turn it off/on) and then redownload the Ring app. Once they are logged back in, make sure they are on the shared location and see if Timeline is showing up for them. Let me know how this works out! :smiley_cat: