No support

I have been trying to set this doorbell up for hours. I followed all the help articles for android, have enabled the ring wifi network to be used without internet access, have tried to call support, on two phones, over 30 minutes I have been waiting. I have tried setup now on two different devices, same results, watching a ring of white light encircle a button.

Why does it have to be so hard?

Not only did I waste 38 minutes, finally, sounded like someone answered, the music stopped and you guessed it, they hung up.

The second call ended the same way as my first on a different phone.

I took the mount off the wall, packed it all back up in the box. I am now going to drive to the store that suggested it was a great product, mention to them that they were selling it for 10.00 more than the companies website, that it didn’t work, support was non-existent, promptly got my money back and buy a competitors product.