No sound notifications on Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra

I’m really getting annoyed now. For my Ring doorbell and various security cams to actually send an alert to my phone, I need to log out of my account and log back in at least twice a day. I get a notification on my phone but no audio is pushed through. So if I log out then log back in, everything works fine for a few hours then it goes back to what I’ve just mentioned. I’ve tried all settings on my phone and read many threads now but nothing will work. My other half’s iPhone has no issues at all. I’ve spent a small fortune on this kit and it’s all pointless if this can’t be rectified. Can someone from your team please get in touch with me either on here, or directly via email at

Most of us are just fellow users so if you receive an email because you mistakenly posted your email address in a public forum, don’t believe them if they say they are from Ring.
Try clearing the storage and/or cache for your Ring App.
If you need to contact Ring then call them. Realize that wait times can be quite long.
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