No sound from Device at the front door and no alerts on phone

Just upgraded to a ring 2 - The wifi is working well and I can view via live-view. But if anyone presses the doorbell, there is no sound to confirm button was pressed - nor do I get an alert on my phone, but on the device button, it flashes blue, but silently, as I said, no sound nor alert on my phone.

Earlier in the day, it did work OK - then all of a sudden this problem arose. I did a new set-up of the device a few times, but the same end results each time. In view the wifi OK is and connected and I can see live-view, this causes me to scratch my head as connectivity does not appear to be the problem and on doing a wifi test via the app on my phone back to the Ring device says the connection is good. Any ideas anybody? Cheers and thanks in advance.

Hi @Purigading. When you go into the Device’s profile > Device Settings > General Settings, what is the Doorbell’s Ringer Volume set at? I would try putting this all the way to the max, and then pressing the Doorbell to see if you get a sound. Let me know how this goes!

Thanks for taking the time to respond. The volume has been on max from the getgo. Anyhow, the problem is that the device did not alert by sound, nor did it record - i.e. it did not work. Since yesterday I have been messing around with settings and menu and earlier today (I am in Perth, Australia) I turned on “record motion” - waited a few minutes - then pressed the doorbell, it sounded and also recorded and I got an alert on my phone i.e. it worked. I then turned “record motion” off, waited - and it reverted back to not working which includes no sound when you press the doorbell, no recording, no nothing.

So that is strange, as I can assume one does not need to turn “record motion” to make the doorbell sound when pressed, and record and alert on my phone - but that is what is happening.

@Purigading Thank you for getting back to me with more clarification on your concern! Are you referencing preforming this action, as shown below?

When you are turning off the option to record motion, this should not be affecting your ding alerts and the Doorbell making sound. I just want to confirm that you are toggling the record motion option from here, as this will be a concern with how the Modes settings is affecting your Doorbell’s dinging ability. If this is the case, please let me know, and if you could as well, when you have “record motion” toggled off, could you capture a recording of your Doorbell not making sound, and no ding coming from the Doorbell when this happens? This would be a great piece of information to pass onto the appropriate teams to look into this further!

Thanks for your further email. I did a video of when the “record motion” was turned to on, in the ring app, and also when turned off. When turned on, all worked as normal. When off, no chime from the doorbell, it just turned blue as normal, but no alert on my phone nor on the remote chime in my home. Quite strange. So the only way to have the device work is to keep “record motion” on - and in my case, as I do not want to be alerted of motion, I turn motion notifications off.

I posted a video on “Youtube” (as unlisted) and you can view it by clicking on this link, or perhaps in this case copy and paste…

What to do next I wonder? Regards