No sound for motion in app

There are no app sounds for events. For example if there is motion or someone presses the button there is no sound from the app. The notification appears on my phone but just no sound. The recording is also working.

I noticed a bunch of files in my phone notification folder with names like Ring-Antique Ding Dong, Ring-Default.

These files do not have a file extension like mp3 which my other notification sounds have. If I click on any of these in my android phone files app it does not know what to do with it

Any help is greatly appreciated

Check out your Ring app Alert Tones. The Ring app will send a notification to your device which will usually show as a banner and vibration. Depending on your mobile device sound profile options, a tone may not play if you do not have this volume up. Setting a Ring Alert Tone will allow you to choose what sound plays for what type of events. :slight_smile: