No Snapshot Toggle?

I just bought my Stickup Cam Battery Camera and everything is working ok BUT in the app I have no toggle to enable Snapshot. I have the Ring Protect Plan that is free for 30 days so the correct plan is there. I did exactly what it said, device video settings and it’s not there. Any help would be appreciated.



I think Ring is still refining this feature. I have several cameras. One day the feature was there. Then a week later it was gone. I am still waiting for it to return. It has nothing to do with your Plan. You might be able to call support and see if they can activate it on your account, I have not tried that.

I have the snapshot toggle. But cant find anything so far on how to actually take or use snapshots.

This junk is about to be sent back

When the snapshot toggle is on, the camera is automatically taking the periodic snapshots. You will see them in the camera timeline.

If you are looking to manually take images . . . every time you do a live view the recording starts, and that will also be in the timeline.

There is a lot of flexibility here. But I do hope Ring will give me the snapshot toggle back soon . . .

Well, I did find a snapshot option while in the timeline viewing of the app, It’s the three little dots at the bottom right, then you can take a snapshot. It downloaded to “pictures” within “images” on my android phone.

To find the snapshot “toggle” I go to the device on the app, select “device settings”…the gear symbol, then select snapshot capture, then behind that is the toggle or switch to turn it off or on.

I did not know about the manual snapshot taking. But then I cannot play with it, as my snapshot toggle is gone. I was told this feature was rolling out and we all would get it back, but maybe it is time for me to call support about this. Anyway, glad you found what you needed.

Well . . . I must say that I am very disappointed with Ring right now . . . I called support who this time said I should have the snapshot toggle and it should not have disappeared. Had me reinstall the app (which I knew was a waste of time as I have it on multiple devices), checked my firmware . . . next guess is that I need to reinstall all my cameras. Now we are talking about a major effort with these mounted outside POE cameras, taking them down and remounting. I really don’t think support has a clue on this . . . so I suppose I will live without snapshot . . . not worth the effort, which I have no confidence will fix the problem anyway . . . what ever it is affected all my cameras at once? I will wait for the next firmware update and maybe that will fix the problem.

I agree support seems to have no clue. So far, the people I have spoken with are not English as a first language and I have yet to feel they know what they are doing or have experience with the specific product. Seems like they have to go and look up every question and then I am often not satisfied that the issue has been adequately dealt with.

I’m in the 30 day return period and staying on this hard to decide if I’m keeping the device. As of right now I’m leaning toward returning the device for several reasons, customer support is a primary reason but actual functionality is also a major reason. The product doesn’t seem to be ready for Prime Time. Whenever something doesn’t work it seems they lean toward the customer’s Internet/wifi. My floodlight cam is in an ideal spot for the wifi, gets great speed and a great rating within the app for connectivity. I’m not uninstalling and reinstalling several replacement devices. If I take this one down, it’s getting sent back and I’m looking for another option. The siren is pathetic anyway and so far my wife tells me the audio spoken out from the camera to a person in the field of view breaks up a lot. These are the two features combined with a floodlight and camera combined, that set this product apart, and right now I never know if my live view will connect fast enough to even see whats going on when motion is triggered…and calling tech support only leaves me more aggravated.

Was your snapshot toggle in the location I described when you follow that path? I mean, before it disappeared…

I don’t even have that option in my timeline (called “History”?). There is the 3 dots but only with options “Share/Star/Delete”. I am using android, maybe you guys are using the iphone app?

EDIT: I just installed the app on my iPad and it’s the same as my Android app. No snapshot toggle anywhere. Not in History, settings, nada.

There are two things here.

There is “Event History” and if you dont have that right on your dashboard or when you go in to your actual device (mine is the floodlight cam) we are looking at different apps because it’s very clear on mine. It’s only when I access that timeline through “event history” from the dahsboard I get the three dots to the right of an event as you describe. When I access “event history” through the device portion of the app, it only has an arrow to the right and it pops up that event as video to view from there, no 3-dot selection.

Then there is what happens when you tap the camera view from the dahsboard (in my case I have only the one floodlight cam, so I dont know what the dahsboard looks like with multiple devices) and it comes up with the camera view live, then you can slide the timeline below the video view to the right, which takes you to previous events and disconnects live view to show you the video of those other events. When you slide out of live, to a previous event, there are 3 dots on the lower right of the screen that become active. There you can delete, favorite/star or select snapshot. I’m not sure how to fine tune this yet, I assume the snapshot is taken wherever you are in the video playback and the favorite/star and delete selection is the entire event rather than a portion where the snapshot is taken.

Yes I have it the same as you describe. Event History, 3 Dots, etc., except my 3 selections when clicking the 3 dots are Delete/Star/SHARE. I have SHARE instead of Snapshot. And clicking share gives me a bunch of share options and even an option to download the video to my phone, but no snapshot.

@jaywohlfeld wrote:

I just installed the app on my iPad and it’s the same as my Android app. No snapshot toggle anywhere. Not in History, settings, nada.

Support will tell you to remove and reinstall the camera. It is easier to give you something to do than fix the software bug. But if you do this, let us know if that works. I am just not going to do that . . . I try and limit my ladder time. I am still hoping Ring will fix this in the next firmware update, or on their server.

No way am I doing all that, lol. I’ve learned that lesson too many times before on other devices and went through so much hassle for nothing, no fix on anything doing that before. I’ll live without it or I may no even keep it. Too many other issues such as spotty wifi (even with the Chime Pro (earlier I had RSSI 60-70, even 80 something, back down again, now I just checked and RSSI-110!). Funny. Not to mention it freezes up and I have to remove the battery and reinstert for it to work again. I guess it’s going back after all. It really does me to good at all working only 50% of the time.