No signal during the day, only in the middle of the night - early morning

Ever since I installed my wired flood ligh cam, it only works from about 2 am - 9 am. Then theres no signal and I can’t see anything. All my other plug in and battery cameras work fine. Just this one goes offline. I reset my router and even rewired the floodlight cam thinking maybe it was a loose wire, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks !

Hi @user48898. If your Floodlight Cam is disconnecting from the internet around the same time everyday, I’d suggest checking our router settings to see if there are any automatic reset or security settings in place that could be causing this. Otherwise, the signal may not be strong enough for the Floodlight Cam to maintain a stable connection. You can learn more about wifi signal here. If that’s the case, improving the wifi signal by moving the router or adding a wifi extender should improve the signal stability.