No Ring App features over intranet without internet?

Hello, I have recently purchased and installed a 2nd gen Ring alarm system along with some extras including cameras. I have my system connected to a MESH wifi which is then connected to an internet modem.

What I’ve noticed is that the app will not connect to my system if my internet connection goes out…even though my MESH wifi is still providing active intranet.

So even though every aspect of my system should be able to communicate with every other aspect through the MESH wifi intranet, if it isn’t connected to the outside world through internet, most of my system is useless (e.g., cameras, smart locks, etc.).

Am I missing something or is this how the system was designed?

Hi @klwilbur. Our Rings devices do require an active internet connection in order to properly function. This allows them to communicate with our Ring Servers. The exception being our Ring Alarm system, which can operate on the Cellular Backup. If there is an interruption in the internet connection, the devices will go offline until the internet is restored. I hope this information helps!