No rich notifications on wired 2021 doorbell

I bought the wired 2021 doorbell to replace my wired with battery doorbell specifically to get the rich notifications. It still doesn’t have the rich notifications and has no battery in it. Are there any doorbells that are actually getting the rich notifications? If I didn’t have so many other ring cameras and so much money invested I would switch to a new company. But it seems like this isn’t being fixed and will have to.

Rich notifications are offline and have been for about two weeks, they are aware of the issue but don’t seem bothered about fixing it. From what Iv seen this is affecting all cameras, not just battery operated

Ok. I have two stick up cams I bought power cords adapters for and removed the batteries and they started getting them again. So I thought it would be the same if the doorbell wasn’t battery. Thanks!

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Hi neighbors, you should be receiving your Rich Notifications again. Thank you for your patience while our team worked to resolve this. Please follow the instructions below to make sure everything is turned on correctly in your app for you to receive Rich Notifications and you should be good to go!

  • Open the main menu in your Ring mobile app in the top left corner.
  • Select Devices and choose which Doorbell or Cam you would like to update this feature on.
  • In your device settings select Rich Notifications and toggle the feature On or Off.

Thank you again for your patience!