No responses to posts

Seems like a waste of time to create a post here as every post I have read has no response. So what’s the point ? Seems this is a scam or fob you off from the total lack of support from Ring ….

Hi @martingoog. The Community is intended to be a forum page where neighbors help each other with troubleshooting steps or offer tips and tricks for their Ring devices. Me or other members of my team will also do the same, but this is not live support. If you are need of immediate help with your Ring device, I would recommend giving our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


Yeah, many years ago, the Ring Community was more active with more people visiting regularly and responding. I haven’t seen most of them around at all…

Part of it may be that, around 2019 (?), the system stopped sending me emails notifying me of responses to posts to which I am subscribed. I reported it as an issue a couple times, but it was never fixed. Maybe this is happening to others, so there’s no trigger or reminder to to visit the community again.

When I do log in to the community, I’ve tried to respond to some posts. But most of the time, the people asking the questions never come back to follow up. So, I’m not going to spend time replying if it doesn’t make a difference.

I also think that it’s because a few years ago Ring management made some decisions that really upset people, so many people of the regulars chose to move away from Ring. There’s a lot of competition out there, and Ring hasn’t really improved the performance of the security cameras. In fact, the hardware seems to be getting worse and less durable.

The app is more stable and integrated. But if the security cameras don’t work well, what’s the point? And Ring management doesn’t seem to be listening to any of the feature requests.

I agree that the Ring Support has gotten worse over time because of lack of access to more knowledgeable advanced support. But for the most part, these devices either work or they don’t. If it doesn’t work, in my experience, it’s because the device needs to be replaced, or there is a firmware issue that Ring needs to acknowledge and fix. So, in the past, it took a lot of people responding that they had the same issue, and then A LOT of phone calls on my part to Ring Support to convince them that there was an issue. It took almost a year to get it addressed. But I don’t think that we have that kind of participation on this Board anymore, and I don’t think RIng Support is set up to do that kind of trouble-shooting anymore.

But it benefits us all if we share and see all the issues that other people are having…