No QR code or pin

I have no QR code or pin under the QR code. I have WiFi so all I need is that pin # please help !

Hi @Beangopay. In addition to the 5 digit pin being on the back of the device, it should also be on a paper that came in the original box. I would suggest completely emptying the contents of the box, as the paper with this information does like to hide sometimes! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the problem the home builder gave me a wrong box it’s “registered” to someone else :man_facepalming:

I installed my wired ring camera doorbell last year and no longer have the box. I’ve changed internet providers and have a new wi fi. I cannot get the doorbell off to look at and re-set the back. Any thoughts on workarounds?

Hi @debrima. If you don’t have the original paperwork that came with the box, then there is no other option but to remove the doorbell from it’s mounted location. I suggest taking a picture of the back of the device so if this happens again, you have the information you need stored.