No QR Code, No Barcode, No Pin


We moved into a house with two security cameras & floodlights. I was able to snap a photo of the back of one of the devices- which had a barcode, serial number and model- however the second one is completely blank.

When I try and set them up the one keeps putting me in an endless loop looking for a pin- i tried the last 5 digits of the serial number- but that doesn’t seem to match to a pin- I get to the flashing lights and it says it can not connect.

I tried calling the customer service line- and when i reach the point that I’m being added to the queue- it disconnects.

Can anyone help? Can anyone from ring call me back?

I need a ring protection plan it’s ■■■■■■ off

Hi @labarta. Unfortunately there aren’t any general troubleshooting steps I could offer for the setup process if you do not have the QR code for one of the Ring Cameras. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we aren’t a direct line to support. If you’re unable to complete the setup of the Camera without the label, you would need to follow up with our support team to explore what options are available.

Hi @user19063. You can find steps on how to subscribe to a Ring Protect plan here. For more information on what features are available with each plan, check out this article.