No overnight recording events

I have have Ring Doorbell2 for several months now, as of the New year no overnight events have been recording, not one. It logs off at about dusk and does not start recording until sun rise. Yes, this is very unusal and NO it is not possible that no one has walked by, no cars have driven by, no recording shoveling snow and no american flag waving at our front entrance to be setting off a event. any ideas?

I’m having lots of problems. No recording at times. For example, other camera shows newspaper arriving between 3 and 4 am but Ring registers nothing for 3 hours. But I’m getting daytime cars every minute and middle of the night cars usually twice an hour. Why doesn’t it see the newspaper carriers car like it did on some other days ( but missing some days…)

Have you checked in the “Motion Settings” on the app that you have not accidentely set restricted times for the motion alerts - like turning them off overnight

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thank you, yes, the times were off, I reset them and saved and I will see what happens.

No, I haven’t checked, but it did record my newspaper being delivered this morning at 4 a.m., so it can’t be the time settings.

I have checked all motion settings but still doesn’t record movement from about midnight till 7 am.

I think during the day it uses visible photons, while at night it uses IR for motion detection. Regardless, the night-time sensitivity is relatively poor, in my opinion. For this reason, I submitted a request for help on if there is any android macro program that is able to automatically switch to high sensitivity at night, and back down during the day when there are a lot of cars and dog walkers. I didn’t get any replies for help. I originally tried to post in the feature request section (time-dependent sensitivity feature) but they censored it.

Good luck. Just got my 4th cam they sent me . I’ve talked to techs 2 times for hours. Still won’t record overnight. They can’t fix it, just keep sending me for crap. They sent me a Ring chime pro, didn’t help. Just sent me a wired cam to replace my battery one. Still no good. Will have to call again. Has to be their software. They get the recordings but they don’t show up on my events.