No notifications

Purchased Ring 2 doorbell downloaded app for android all connected and working finewhilst at home, however when out I’m not receiving any alerts saying somebody has rang doorbell? When I get home I check event history I find 2 people have rang bell and are staring into camera awaiting my response? Not happy at the moment I thought that was the whole idea, I’ve deleted app, reinstalled it, rebooted phone also my wife is a shared user and not receiving anything? All settings checked in app settings everything turned on, so frustrating!!

Hey @BigKev69. When you leave, do you put your Doorbell in Away mode, or anything like that that could be affecting the Doorbell from functioning as it show with motion detection and dings? In addition, please let me know what kind of phone you and your wife have, as well as the OS you are running for it. :slight_smile:

All modes are switched off and all notifications switched on, we get notification of motion but not when somebody rings the bell, we both have huawei p smart19 handsets running android 10

@BigKev69 Thanks so much for that information! I actually recently helped out another neighbor that was having notification concerns for the Huawei phone. After doing some troubleshooting with them in this thread here, I found that Huawei phones notoriously have notifications problems. I went into more detail on this post here, specifically, if you would like to check it out. Feel free to ask the other neighbor in this thread what they may have done to help fix it if you’re still unable to! :slight_smile: