No notifications

We have a video doorbell (not exactly sure which model either the 1 or 2) recently I haven’t been getting any notifications on my phone. Even when someone is clearly at our door. I have all of my notification settings on in the app and in my iphone settings. My husband is getting notifications on his phone. What can I do to get the notifications back up on my phone? It stopped randomly a few weeks ago.

I also have just noticed that when we come in and out the door, the camera doesn’t register and record. But it will when cars drive by, and those are the only motions that show up in the app. But no notifications ever.

Hey @ICONnicole123. Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone and then reinstall the Ring app? From there, test a Doorbell ding and see if the notification shows up on your phone once you’ve logged back in! Redownloading the app helps refresh any notification preferences. :slight_smile:

For motion inaccuracy, I recommend looking into your motion sensitivity settings through the Motion Wizard and having it change to detect motion closer to your Doorbell, and not the up to 30 feet out option! You can learn more about motion detection in our Ring Help Center Article here.