No notifications

I can’t receive notifications on my phone when doorbell rings or detects motion…and yes I have the notifications turned to ON on my phone…

Hey @Beachgirl! Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to ensure the app is optimally integrated with your phone and updated. Also check to ensure your mobile device is up to date. If you are still not receiving notifications, please check that your motion and ring notifications are toggled on in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is correct. I had to reinstall my Ring over the weekend. Got it working but received no notitification. Go to your phone, go to Apps, delete cache/data, then unintall and reinstall.

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Here is the issue I have. I just switched phones from the LG Stylo4 to the Alcutel 3V from metro. I have several Home cameras from another name plus 3 Ring floodlight cams. All my cameras work when I pull them up with the 3V phone and I can see notifications providing I Pull them up radomly… However I do NOT get any Notifications or sounds when the cameras are tripped using the 3V phone. But my LG Phone works great. I have checked all the settings in the app and everything is selected to receive alerts and sounds. I havent been able to resolve this issue.