No notifications unless we go into the ring app prior

We have a ring video doorbell (hardwired) and a ring floodlight cam with the app installed on 2 X Huawei P20 Pro Android mobiles for notifications etc.

Ever since the install (2019) we rarely receive notifications on either phone for motion or doorbell rings UNLESS we open the app on the day prior to the event.

For example today we went out and no notification for either ring device of the motion trigger. The. 10 mins later the post lady arrived, no notification to either phone, she rang the ring doorbell, no notification to either phone again.

It only seems to work if we open the app first thing in the morning / on the day we will receive notifications that’s day but then again later (a day or two later) reverts back to no notifications again.

This basically makes the system useless. The devices are recording the events but neither phone is getting notified of them in real time and only if we open the app manually.

Any help please?

Hi there, @Bluestreak56! This is not intended to happen. Once your notifications are enabled, and these permissions are accepted for the Ring app on your mobile device, you should at least get a notification banner for a motion a Ring event thereafter. Please ensure you’ve not changed any of the settings mentioned prior, and that your alert toggles are enabled in the the Ring app. I recommend also checking do not disturb mode, and that there is no VPN enabled.

Connection is always worth checking. Other than your Ring device RSSi, which shows your wifi signal strength, please also test out wifi connection versus cellular data connection on your mobile device. If possible, trying another mobile device entirely can rule out many factors. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: