No notifications on my Samsung galaxy note 10

I installed the ring app and linked it to my Ring 2 Doorbell, but i don’t get any notifications. No push, mail or whatsoever. I added another user and she gets messages on het mobile. All sliders are open (blue) and i also checked if the phone allows ring to give messages (and it does). I also tried installing Rapid Ring to see if that works, but also there I don’t get any messages.

Hey @davidlan. I’d first suggest checking to make sure you don’t have any apps known to conflict with the Ring App installed, which you can check here. If none of those apps are installed, you can review the steps in this Help Center Article on notification concerns for Android here. Let me know how those steps work for you! :slight_smile:

These articles explain the notification issues with certain manufacturers like Samsung.

I periodically have the same issue with my Note 10+. I uninstall then reinstall the app to get it to work for a while. Not ideal but better than waiting for ring to patch the app.

Please read my prior post. It’s has solutions for this. It’s Samsung and not Ring.