No notifications on my Samsung galaxy A40

I installed the ring app and linked it to my Ring 2 Doorbell, but i don’t get any notifications. No push, mail or whatsoever. I added another user and she gets messages on het mobile. All sliders are open (blue) and i also checked if the phone allows ring to give messages (and it does). I also tried installing Rapid Ring to see if that works, but also there I don’t get any messages.

Hey @Rudy49. Could you check out our Ring Help Center Article here to ensure you have no apps conflicting with the Ring app?


I checked the item, but it did not help. I don’t have a cleaner on my phone, so that won’t interfere.

I also deleted the app, cleaned the history and cache, rebooted the phone and re-installed the app, but also no succes.

Any other ideas?