No notifications anymore?

I have turned on Smart Alerts and had my Time Plan before, but today it’s wasn’t there anymore and I didn’t get any notifications when there was movement. Now the option is turned off and I cannot activate report movement in the main camera settings. When I turn it on, it states that I have a time plan and I need to deactivate it. I say yes, even though its not activated and it turns it on and then right off.

What to do?

Stick up battery cam 3rd gen.

Hi @LaMpiR. It sounds like the issue you’re describing matches this thread. Our team is currently investigating issues with Motion Schedules being active when they aren’t, which is impacting other settings. At this time, we ask that you contact our support team so they can look into this further. If you have already contacted support, you do not need to reach back out. We appreciate your patience as our team works on getting this taken care of.