No Notification No Video when FedEx Delivers

My Ring Doorbell 2 does not detect or record FedEx Deliveries.
I have a narrow approach to my front door area, so there is only one entry and egress path no wider than 4 feet. My Ring Doorbell 2 picks up everything else, cars and trucks passing by but not FedEx or UPS trucks. It picks up the Mail man using the same narrow approach. It picks up curious deer coming up to my front door late at night and my neighbor cutting their grass, family members entering and exiting the same area that a delivery person uses. Everything is captured except the FedEx/UPS guys.

I have tried a multitude of sensitivity and zone settings. These changes don’t effect much of anything. Everything that comes anywhere near my narrow entry area gets captured except FedEx deliveries. FedEx deliveries are the only motion that is not detected. My wife happened to notice a FedEx truck in front of our house on the last one. There was no ring notification and no video capture of the truck or the delivery person, but it did detect and record my wife going outside the door to fetch the package as the truck was leaving.

We have seen many posts here on this issue. Moderators reply with ‘try this setting, try that setting’ with no positive results that I have seen. The issue is not in the user settings. Many of us believe the issue is with the handheld scanners that FedEx and UPS delivery drivers use to scan that the package has been delivered. There is some sort of interference that causes the Ring Doorbell not to communicate with our wifi networks. These handheld scanners are always active, not just when the delivery person makes a scan.

My Ring Doorbell picks up every vehicle passing by my home, cars, SUV’s, contractor trucks, school buses, garbage trucks. The only vehicles that are not picked up are FedEx and UPS trucks.

I think users are tired of being advised to try different settings, and call customer service to be told only to try different settings.

It is time for Ring to test their devices in a situation where the FedEx/UPS scanners are accompanying the person or vehicle being tested for motion detection. One of the reasons people buy a Ring Doorbell is to be notified when a delivery has been made. If it only notifies and records the thief stealing the package, it’s too late.

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