No Night Vision in Ring 2nd generation

So I got a Ring Doorbell 2nd generation and hardwired it. Footage during the day is excellent but non existent at night. I have enabled colour and have very strong wifi. If I look on to the street now it is well lit but if I look on live view all I see is darkness as per attached screenshot. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

It looks like the infrared sensor is getting confused by the wall (?) on the right because it’s highlighted bright white.

Is there any way to reposition the camera so that’s not so close to the wall or that the wall is not not so much of the camera field of view?

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Also if that area is already lit (e.g., porch light), then turn off the infrared (IR) sensor.

Editing to add that I’m not sure if your camera has the ability to turn off IR sensor. My battery powered Rng video doorbell doesn’t seem to have this setting.

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It’s a common issue. This reddit thread gives various ideas. Or maybe do an internet search for videos that show ideas.


Hi. Thanks for your input. There is no porch light on at all and what looks like a wall is just a tiny corner. I’ve taken a picture from the outside to give a better idea.

Thank you Meme!!! Problem solved. I followed that link on reðdit and put something black to the right and problem solved!!! Thank you so much for your input. Really appreciated.



You are welcome! Thank you for sharing your fix; glad to hear it was quick fix without having to move the camera.

Pretty front door!

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