No Night Recording

I have a Ring Pro. I also have 3 flags in my yard and show to the left of the image. I have the motion zone set to avoid flag movement. The problem I’m having is that my camera will not record at night. Not even a car driving by or a person walking. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity and that does no good. I’m looking for suggestions. TIA

P.S. - The blue line in the picture shows my approximate motion zone.

Hi @Sarge34. Have you tried testing the Doorbell’s recording at night by walking in front of the Doorbell to see if it will trigger a recording? Based on the screenshot you attached, any motion picked up on your porch should be recorded. However, anything farther out at the end of the Motion Zone and past the fence is less likely to be picked up, as the fence will impact the visibility.

I have’nt tried it recently but I will. It used to pickup people walking past on the sidewalk and traffic driving by. Thank you for replying.

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