No Motion Within Plexiglass Box

I recently moved my Stick Up Cam into a plexiglass front security box ( Since putting it inside the box, it’s no longer detecting motion. I would think since it’s a clear front it would still function properly?

Hi there, @tazevil1! While the cover is clear, it is likely either blocking or reflecting the pir from detecting, or is interfering with your custom zones. This will depend on Camera but ultimately is not designed to work this way. The best way to get this to work, is to readjust the motion settings once it is inside the box. If that doesn’t do the trick, the cover of the box will likely need to be removed.

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Thank you. I did a little research and found where the PIR sensors are located, so I may put a hole in the front of the cover to allow them to work. The box is more to stop vandalism of the camera than to protect it from the elements.

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